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Developer by day, caregiver by night

Caregivers' burnout is no joke

As a caregiver, you deal with unreasonable demands daily. You find yourself angry, exhausted, and sad about the little help you get. Yet, you don't miss a beat taking care of others.

People expect you to keep going. No matter how tired you are.

So you slog away at the computer for your job between errands, chores, and taking care of family. You get things done, but your needs get ignored.

There has to be a better way.

A better way for you

Give self-therapy a go. It works with you despite any limitations in your life. Try it anywhere, day, or time.

👋🏾 Say hello to Jovial.

It is a self-therapy app for caregivers made by a caregiver. The tool supports informal (unpaid) caregivers juggling family duties and jobs.

Ideal versus Real Life

Ideal world...

In the ideal world, therapy is free. Your family respects your boundaries. You could enjoy breaks & vacations guilt-free.

Real world...

Yet, when you're short on time & cash, the ideal isn't possible.

Jovial makes the impossible practical with bite-sized tips.

The sessions guide you step-by-step on resolving family & emotional stress. Get practical tips on how to set expectations.

📣 Psst. None of the core features are behind a paywall. Let's make support accessible & reliable.

Recover from burnout

Easy as 1-2-3

How Jovial works

Pick a topic: Select a topic or reason for your session.

Join a session: Answer a few questions at the prompts.

Get a plan: Get bite-sized tips on improving your well-being.

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Jovial ❤️ Caregivers

Those were good questions. Jovial covered a lot of things I had not deliberately thought about too. -Ruben G

👉🏾 Jovial helped me at every stage, very hands-on. I felt like a friend was walking me through it. Most websites or products assume I know what to ask. -Zainab G

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Why bother?

Being another statistic sucks!