Reward resilient leaders.

Jovial empowers caregivers to be resilient in demanding, high-stress jobs.

Caregivers are juggling work while taking care of their parents and children. Their impossible workload doubles every day as most baby boomers retire by 2030. Because of this shift and inflation, caregivers are making rushed decisions. They find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Merriam-Webster defines well-being as being healthy, happy, or prosperous. Notice how this definition implies we can only have one. We should not have to pick. We compromise our well-being when we ignore one.

well-being noun

the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous

Jovial believes true happiness is wellness & wealth.

👉🏾A healthier team improves
morale and performance while reducing employee turnover.

👋🏾 Hey, Jovial

Jovial is a Midwest wellness startup that builds workforce software. It launched its first app, SOS, in 2023. The mobile app and Chrome extension help family caregivers manage conflict and stress.

Jovial now helps the home health care and human resource industries. The founder welcomes your suggestions, insights, and stories on this matter. Partner with Jovial to get apps that support the health of your business & workforce.

jovial adjective

(of a person) friendly and in a good mood, or (of a situation) enjoyable because of being friendly and pleasant